CLIENT: Chimney Sheep

MISSION: Product Re-design

AREAS: Industrial Design | Engineering | Prototyping


Yes its a Sheep up a chimney...the fleece at least.  A simple proposition but one that needed help from Fizikal to elevate performance and experience had by Chimney Sheep customers.  We became users and observed others to gain the insights necessary to take the product the next level.  It became stronger, more effective and opened up new product opportunities for Chimney Sheep.

When Harry met..
— Sally Phillips, Founder.
Chimney Sheep Claims.jpg

Captain cheese biscuits

Chimney Sheep Test.jpg
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All promotional material and stationary from business cards letterhead and certificates was produced.

Chimney Sheep Final Handle.jpg

Fizikal also produced a website that would allow Purple Umbrella to update with ease.

Chimney Sheep Final Range.jpg

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