We Do

Whether you are looking for evolutionary or revolutionary products and experiences, see how we can help.


Our Insight & Strategy tools are used to empathise, observe and understand the subjective and physical world surrounding an idea, to seed new thought, reveal the unexpected and inform direction.

From a conceptual range of user focussed products to an existing concept that requires Design for Manufacture (DFM). We want to create the best possible products for our clients.

Our Insight & Strategy stage centres around five key areas that collectively we call the Nucleus; User, Environment, Brand, Business & Technology. This allows us to consistently ask the right questions, uncovering & implementing the right opportunities for your business.


Our holistic approach to design is the ideal platform on which to create engaging, beautifully formed and manufacturable packaging that both build and reinforce your brands DNA.

Individually we have years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world, creating products that look, feel and function on brand. Our Design for Manufacture & Assembly experience ensures that your design is delivered with the original intent intact and works with your processes, supply chain and cost targets.

We like to sleep at night, so creating more sustainable solutions that work for your business, your brand and the planet makes us happy.


At Fizikal, we believe great product design is about capturing form, function and meaning to an idea; while making it both technically and commercially feasible for our client.

All of our work begins with Insight, whether it be a full product development, the creative styling of an object, technical problem solving or the Design For Manufacture of a supplied concept. Each one has their own specific challenges that require strong technical skills and understanding to deliver purposeful design.

Our team have experience with everything from single part plastic components to electronic consumer products and industrial machinery.


Prototyping is key to creating solutions that are robust and user focussed. At Fizikal, prototypes are research, we use them to answer questions, reveal the unexpected, assess form, function, feel and emotion.

We are always on the lookout for new insights and innovation as we develop our designs; using prototypes to interact with our clients and users is a really effective way to do this. They stir up your imagination so much better than a sketch or picture can alone; they play on all the senses.

We work with the most basic materials to the latest additive manufacturing technologies to maximise user and technical insight at all development stages, informing our decisions in the most cost effective way.


You’ve spent a lot of time in the early stages of product development creating the perfect solution for your business and users. That design intent needs to be maintained as the product is designed and developed for manufacture.

At Fizikal we are expertly placed to do this through years of individual experience taking products from concept to shelf. We have become so good at it we have given it a name – ‘Aesthetic Engineering.’ Very early on in concept development we have one eye on the end goal, which is to create beautiful, manufacturable products for our clients.

We tackle engineering & manufacturing problems creatively, so we either have a solution in place that works with our original design intent or have the foresight to discuss particular details with the final converter.

Our experience in consultancy and manufacturing has enabled us to design for a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials. We make it our business to understand existing and emerging manufacturing technologies.